Fountain radio, a Christian radio station, an institution that is under D’S & E (T) Ltd was established on 23rd March 2016 as on test radio station. The Tanzania Communication and Regulatory Authority (TCRA) granted licence to FR on 14 September 2016 to operate as a radio station in Tanzania; and was assign a frequency of 89.7 MHz. The main objectives of this radio are to preach Christianity; educate and provide community with general knowledge; disseminate news, Sports, variety of talk programmes ; and provide education and descent entertainment. The target audience of the radio station is all gender and age groups with main emphasis to youth, women and children. Fountain Radio is located at Moshi-Kilimanjaro, the regional headquarter of the Northern Zone and one of the fastest growing towns in Tanzania.


Fountain Radio over the first six (2) years of operation had an average radius of 120 kilometres. In April 2018 Fountain Radio completed a geographical expansion programme which extended its signal to the entire Northern zone and parts of Central. Today Fountain FM has a radius of up to 300 kilometres and a listenership of well over 4.5 million people. The radio frequency 89.7 FM has coverage in entire Northern Zone and few areas in Central part of Tanzania Kilimanjaro,Arusha,Tanga,Manyara and Parts of Singida region

However, Fountain Radio has widen the listeners to the areas which we have not yet covered in terms of frequency modulation through ‘online’, our station can be tuned wherever in the world.


Fountain Radio broadcasts in Kiswahili language. The Swahili language is also widely spoken in Tanzania.


The target audience is multi-generational, from the age of 10 to 70, and includes peasants, farmers and villagers, small-scale traders, workers, businessmen and members of the general public.

Audience surveys carried out by various organizations in the region show that Fountain Radio is the most listened station in Northern Tanzania. More than 75% of respondents give Fountain Radio as their favourite station.


The station has adopted a clear slogan “Tunaunganisha maisha na kristo” signifying in a nutshell that the station is for that the centre of religious . It is characterised by a first-hand privilege of giving community opportunity to express and exercise their potentials live on air.


To connect people’s lives to Christ


To be a media house that efficient, affordable and convenient spread good news of Christ, promote peace and provide news, general knowledge, education and descent entertainment to the community of Tanzania.

Core Values

In performing its functions, the radio will be guided by the following core values:

  • a) Teamwork: We maintain mutual respect, courtesy and cooperate in our work;
  • b) Professionalism: We do our work competently and committed to high and personalized standards in customer service delivery;
  • c) Integrity: We are sincere, honest, dependable, reliable and responsible for our action;
  • d) Caring: We have high standard of courtesy and mutual respect to our internal and external customers;
  • e) Customer Oriented: We treat our clients with respect and dignity; and
  • f) Community: We design our products and services in a way that addresses community empowerment and contribution towards making our community being informed.

Also FR through collaborations and partnerships with different stakeholders supports social economic activities, which in one way or another direct or indirectly affect its business.